Premium Athletic Compression Socks by FitShit Men & Women Best for Running Crossfit Travel Nurses

Price: $19.99

Do Your Socks Pass The FitShit® Compression Test?

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Unlike most compression socks, our compression doesn’t compromise your comfort. Our FITSHIT® premium compression socks are designed to provide boosted circulation and increased blood flow to your muscles.

THE PERFECT FIT, THE PERFECT STYLE. Our socks won’t be sliding down your calves. They’re stylish, fit right, and don’t fall. Jim, one of our customers said,”They are stylish as *bleep* and the compression stays with you even after you wash them.”

These Socks Are Perfect For
– CrossFit
– Running
– Hiking
– Cycling
– Racing in triathlons, Ironman, Tough Mudder
– Nurses and Chefs
– Airline Pilots
– All types of activities!

Why FitShit?

-100% dedication to customer satisfaction: love your socks or your money back.
-Dependable, long lasting design + faster recovery, engineered for superior comfort through our form-fitted technology for maximum wear.
-Injury free- our design technology helps to reduce plantar fasciitis/ achilles tendon/ metatarsal/ heel pain symptoms and swelling.

>> The FitShit Risk-Free Guarantee: If for any reason you don’t absolutely LOVE your FitShit compression socks, just return them and we’ll fully refund you or send you a replacement! This is the FitShit Family First Promise!

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Premium Athletic Compression Socks by FitShit  Men & Women  Best for Running Crossfit Travel Nurses

Premium Athletic Compression Socks by FitShit Men & Women Best for Running Crossfit Travel Nurses Features

  • “FEELS LIKE ANGELS MASSAGING YOUR LEGS” // Durable compression sock (15-20 mmHG) doesn’t have sacrifice comfort.
  • TRAIN HARDER, FEEL ENERGIZED, OUTLAST YOUR COMPETITION // Boost circulation up to 4X with engineered compression technology for faster recovery and improved performance. And prevent those damn shin splints, for goodness sake.
  • DESIGNED BY ATHLETES // Tested by Runners, Crossfitters, Nurses, Travelers, Hikers, Triathletes, Frequent Fliers, Air Travelers, Tough Mudders, Personal Trainers, and more. We’re a company by and for those that are serious about their fitness + playful about life.
  • VERIFIED NO-LIE SIZING // Order with confidence because our sizing charts are tested and confirmed to precision-level accuracy. Check the reviews. No B.S.
  • NO-RIP FITSHIT SOCK GUARANTEE // What do you want to be thinking about before a long hike, running race, or athletic competition? (**Hint: You DO NOT want to think about your compression socks**) 100% SATISFACTION OR YOUR MONEY BACK [PLUS OUR APOLOGY] // Love your socks or your money back, no questions asked. [Plus, we’ll write a personalized apology letter.] Our #1 goal is to deliver you UNSURPASSED SERVICE 7 days a week and ultimately help you get fit as shit.