Price: $24.88

Do You Want To Buy A Mini Bike Pump That Will Break Your Valves?

We didn’t think so.

That’s why we’ve designed this bicycle pump to be the best you’ve used.



Why Should I Buy This Bike Pump?

  • Constructed from strong aluminium. Go ahead, tough guy, try and break this bad boy – it’s not like other low quality, cheap plastic bicycle pumps.
  • Flexible Extendable hose. You want to get your tires pumped up faster right? The flexible hose will let you be more aggressive with your pumping.
  • Simple thumb lock lever. Why fiddle with a screw on attachment if you don’t have to?
  • Small and lightweight. You obsess over getting your bike as light as possible. Don’t carry a heavy, bulky pump.
  • Presta and schrader compatible. We don’t support valve discrimination.
  • 100 PSI capacity. We don’t care if you ride 700c or tubeless, as long as you can keep riding.
  • Bike frame mount included so it’s mountable for any standard emergency.
  • BONUS: Sports ball inflating needle makes it perfect for inflating volleyball, basketball, football, rugby and soccer balls.
  • BONUS: Glueless tire patch repair kit.

What does that all mean?

This pump will be the easiest pump you have ever used and it won’t break your valves.

(Yeah, that annoys us too … so we fixed it)

Why does the pump look so good?

You know those crappy plastic pumps that are usually bright colors with logos plastered all over them? They’re the reason we created this pump. Why have a good looking bike if you’re going to strap an awful looking pump to it?

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LIGHTWEIGHT MINI BIKE PUMP with Extendable Hose Features

  • SIMPLE TO USE FLEXIBLE HOSE. Broken valves suck right? That’s why you only want to inflate your tires with a mini bike pump that has a flexible hose. Go ahead, pump as hard as you can and see how this flexible hose will save your valves from breaking!
  • BICYCLE PUMP SNAPS ON TIGHT IN SECONDS. Get a perfect connection on any type of valve with a quick, easy flick of the lever.
  • SLEEK MINIMALIST LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN. Be a biker without looking lame. We ride bikes too so you can be sure we hate cheap plastic tire pumps for bikes as much as you do!
  • FITS PRESTA AND SCHRADER VALVES FAST. Have you ever needed to change bikes and found your portable bike pump doesn’t work on the new one? That’s why we made a connection that makes it super simple for you to quickly and easily switch between bikes as much as you want.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE (plus a free gift). If you don’t absolutely love your pump then we will refund 100% of the purchase price. We’ll also give you a bonus tire repair kit so you don’t get stranded on another ride. We ride bikes too and we aim to make amazing bicycle accessories that we are proud to use everyday. You deserve the best.