LAT Apparel Womens Jersey VNeck 3 4 Sleeve TShirt Heather XXLarge

Price: $10.59

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For more than 30 years, the LAT Apparel family of brands has been built on principles of partnership, reliability, and authenticity. From the first day our mission has been to develop genuine customer relationships. We think innovatively, work hard to maintain a superior level of service and consistently create a line of quality apparel that we are proud to share. These traditions will not change and are the core of our day-to-day operations. That’s our story.

We have unified our family of brands to strengthen our identity. The logos are updated and we are excited to introduce them to you. LAT Apparel’s brands reflect an unwavering commitment to offer solutions that help customer’s grow. Across the brands are collections of apparel that fit everyone, infant to adults. Out products provide the platform for stories, artistry, and expression for all.

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LAT Apparel Womens Jersey VNeck 3 4 Sleeve TShirt Heather XXLarge

LAT Apparel Womens Jersey VNeck 3 4 Sleeve TShirt Heather XXLarge Features

  • SUPERIOR COMFORT: This shirt is the top of the line for comfort. It’s soft flowing fabric blend is perfect for looking cute and feeling great. You’ll never want to get changed.
  • FEMININE FIT: This shirt is softly shaped for a classic feminine fit so it flatters your figure while still providing coverage and comfort so you can love both the look and the feel of this shirt.
  • NO IRRITATION: Even the smallest seams and tags can be irritating, so this shirt is designed with flatlock stitching and EasyTear label to make sure that comfort is always first priority.
  • VERSITILE STYLE: This is the kind of shirt that you can wear when you’re at the gym, playing sports, or at the mall with a cute pair of jeans. This is a must have for every woman’s wardobe.
  • EXCELLENT DURABILITY: From the stitching to the knit, this shirt is made proudly to withstand whatever life throws at it. Excellent durability ensures that your clothing is an investment.