DIY painted Christmas Postard My Little Prince Series Love bird

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One night, I was lying in bed before going to sleep listening to audio books, The Little Prince. (Read by Humphrey Bower), when I heard the little prince said draw me a sheep, his tone is really irresistible. I almost wanted get up to draw a cute sheep for him.
Of course, I did not.
But since then, this “draw me a sheep” appear in my ears from time to time, I always felt that I owed him a sheep.
Ok, this Christmas I finally draw him a sheep. And by the way I draw the fox, rose, the little prince, and the boa constrictor …… May be I’ll draw the strange planets, baobab trees… one day, maybe.

【Product Features】
It is a fresh watercolor style postcard, you can color the picture with your favorite color,

【Product Details】
Name: DIY painted Christmas postcard- My Little Prince Series- Fox
Purpose: I think it is not just a gift for children, but for grow-ups too. Come on, pick up your pencil, and create a new world.
Material: 250g British stock card paper (no acid), laser printing
Size: 14.5cmx10.3mm

There are other two color options:
Grass green rouge and pink yellow

DIY painted Christmas Postard My Little Prince Series Love bird